St Marys helpers

St Marys helpers

There must be about 100 people quite closely involved in the weekly running of our parish apart from those principal ones that have profile pictures. This is normal for any large Catholic parish, and St. Mary’s is no exception.

Not all of them are present in this picture. It shows some of them. These particular thirty three people help in the following ways, without giving all their names: the Finance Committee; the Newman Fund; helping in the house to answer the phone; doing printing; cooking, cleaning and laundry and supporting Fr. Theo in the house; helping with the furniture scheme; sacristy work; welcoming to Church and collecting; Church cleaners; running the 500 club; catechists; helping with the food bank; doing repairs and making things in Church and the house; insuring the heating is on in Church; catechists; pastoral work; administration.

Thanks to their help, in most cases voluntary help with a few receiving a wage, the parish manages to carry on the weekly Church functions, be involved in the local community and manages to maintain the house and home of the monks.

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