Principal Functions

  1. Principal Functions To advise the Parish Priest
  2. To listen and respond to the concerns of parishioners
  3. To help the parish fulfil its Vision through effective pastoral strategies
  4. To represent parish groups and to support and co-ordinate their activities


  1. To be a community which works together in a collaborative partnership of priests and people
  2. To be a community where decisions affecting the life and character of the parish are achieved by consensus


  • To advise the Parish Priest
  • To promote and maintain the Parish Vision
  • To develop Pastoral strategies and policies in line with the Parish Vision
  • To establish Pastoral priorities
  • To establish Commissions to enable realisation of the Parish Vision
  • To promote, support and encourage Commissions and Parish Groups
  • To authorise and co-ordinate Pastoral plans To initiate Pastoral action
  • To communicate Pastoral strategies and plans to the parish and the wider community
  • To provide representation to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • To establish links with the Deanery
  • To establish links with the parish schools
  • To establish sub-groups (including a Steering Group) where appropriate