• Blessed Sacrament Chapel used for weekday mass
  • Church tabernacle and sanctuary lamp
  • Church with its original altar rails
  • Close up of Holy Cross tabernacle
  • Cross on St Benedict's altar
  • Holy Cross Chapel and 15th Station of the Cross
  • Holy Water container
  • Jesus falls the first time
  • Jesus takes up his cross
  • One of the stations of the Cross
  • Processional Cross
  • Relic of the true cross
  • Sanctuary Lamp
  • St Benedict's chapel
  • Statue of Our Lady in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel
  • Tabernacle
  • The Sacred Heart Statue

William Kearney’s photographs look at the artistic features of St Marys church. Looking closely at the detail involved in the statues, alter rails etc


November 13, 2015


Photos from William Kearney


Artistic Features, Gallery

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