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The Parish values should be based on the Word of God…

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A list of the Past Parish Priests of Leyland Saint Mary’s


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The first Church of St. Mary’s was built on Worden Lane in 1854

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Scroll down to see news about Fr Theodore, who died on 30 October 2017, and news of his funeral. Also to watch some beautiful pictures of Fr Michael Barrett’s ordination, a beautiful slide show set to music with poppies and the Church in the background to watch .

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Please note all notices on the Church Bulletin are added to the website Calendar and will therefore be publicly visible on the web. If you do not wish for this information to be entered into our calendar please notify us immediately before the bulletin is published. Many Thanks.

Fr Jonathans Blog

“…few things are needed – indeed only one…”                                                                                                              Luke 10:42 I recently had the…

It was the 20th such meeting that has taken place. They occur in different Religious…

A LADY BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN One hundred years ago, in rural Portugal, when three…

DIVING INTO DARKNESS “Lord, Save me!” (Matt 14:30) The mother of a friend of ours…

PIERCING THE CLOUDS “It is your face, O Lord, that I seek” Psalm 27 Fra…

The Jubilee Year of Mercy in St Mary’s Leyland by Fr Jonathan Cotton OSB “Yes,…

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