The aim of this section of the Website on our Parish Way of Life initiative is to share what God might be doing in the lives of parishioners, so that gradually we can realise the beauty and power of God in practice in our daily lives. It is no use believing in God, coming to Church and then finding that this has no impact. It must make a difference to be genuine. Experts put it like this: The Unity of the Church (our daily life of faith) does not exist without the Mission of the Church (spreading the faith)

I am convinced that for most of us who are Church goers our life of faith does impact. Often there is no need to articulate it as good example is essential; yet to be able to share one’s faith in words about practical life events where God has been present is also part of life. It needs to be done in the right spirit to be effective. Not boasting or for pride – that would undermine everything, but just objective facts for the glory of God. If you read the Magnificat or many of the Psalms or canticles in the scriptures both in the Old and New Testaments they are experiences of God working in the events of life.

There are many explicit encouragements to share faith and knowledge of God in Scripture and in Christian tradition as this quote from Psalm 144 (145) shows “All your friends……shall speak of the glory of your reign and declare your might, O God, to make known to everyone your mighty deeds and the glorious splendour of your reign.”

Hopefully parishioners will learn how to share with others what God has done and how straight forward and normal it is. We will see many different experiences in different circumstances, some short and some longer. All will be relevant to help the person who wrote it, and others to understand that God is close to each one of us. After all we know God he loves each one and he wants each one to discover that love and beauty that is God. We can provide evidence of it. God willing knowledge of love of God will spread in practical ways, and help us to adore and worship God together in Church.

I was driving up Westgate on a Friday evening at about 4.30pm and a car…

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