Hopes & Dreams

Hopes and Dreams as expressed by our Parishioners

If you wish to send in your own Hopes and Dreams, either e mail us or write them down and hand in at Church.

My Hopes: That I have been a good mother to my children and shown them how to be thoughtful and caring to others and honest in their lives.
My Dreams: are for a world that is peaceful and all nations live a life without greed and

My hopes and dreams are especially for peace in the Middle East and all over the world; and that all you people will see God in everything in this beautiful world.

My hopes and dreams are for World Peace.

That there be less hatred, prejudice, racism, religious intolerance, greed and selfishness in the world.
That everyone should see good in everyone they meet.
Finally that all may come to believe in God.

My hopes and dreams include being reunited with my family very soon; for my son to grow up a good Christian with strong faith in God; for my entire family to have strong faith and love in God, and most importantly I hope that the whole world will be converted to be as Christ wants it to be.

Our hopes and dreams are to always be happy and content with what we have.
We hope to see an end to people hurting and killing each other
We just want the world to be a nice place for all people to live.

Our hopes and dreams are for our daughter who has been ill since last year who is very precious to us, to find the strength to get better. She is in high school  and we love her very much. Please Lord give her the strength to recover.

To be spiritually where God wants us to be without murmuring.

That my children will learn to love God.

Peace in the whole world.
That I may correspond to the reason why God has created me and fulfil his plan for me.
That I may help to guide the younger generation to know God.

My family to be happy and healthy.
For all the staff and pupils at St. Mary’s High School to have every success and share in God’s Love
To one day play with the Halle Orchestra.

That younger families may respect married life and live in peace and harmony.

I would like to be successful in life, but most of all I want to be happy and make many other people happy.
I would like to make a difference to many people’s lives and change them for the better, and spread peace and hope throughout the world.
I hope I can be grateful for everything I have and never take anything for granted.

My hopes and dreams are world peace and harmony and to have a world we can be proud to belong to.

That our Son and his family learn to forgive and get close to his sister and her family again. So that we can get back to our once happy, loving and caring family.

That our granddaughter makes a complete recovery from a tumour of the neck and spine, and that her operation is a success. We thank everyone for their prayers.

Love in families, communities and nations.

That all the lads in Garth and Wymott who come to the chaplaincy to benefit from what they learn of God and his love, and to remain united with God and his love when the leave prison.

For peace in the world.

My hopes and dreams are that my family, friends and myself have good health and happiness all our lives.

For truth and justice to succeed in our world.

That our daughters reconcile with one another; that we are able to see our grandchildren more often; that we come together as a family should again.

To find a kind, loving, gentle man to share my life with.

That people will stop messing around with ‘what we are going to do in the future’, and get on with the two commandments that matter – love God and love your neighbour as yourself.

That all refugees are treated with respect and compassion; and most of all that Children are not imprisoned for seeking asylum.

For our immigration matter to be concluded in favour of all our family

Our parish also includes two prisons. These are some hopes and dreams of one or two of our prisoner parishioners:

My hopes and fears are to do my sentence just fine, and get out of prison to lead my normal life again without getting into trouble any more.

My hopes are to be inspired by the Spirit; to continue to have the ability to pray to God. To always have a memory lest I forget what I am forgiven for. To always be blest with the assurance of love from the Father through his Son that comes from the hearts of his children (my brothers and sisters) inspired by the Spirit.
I have only one dream: only what it will be like when I am out of prison and one day in paradise.

My wife to get better and for God to grace us with a baby.

To get through this sentence and be back in normal life, and to be accepted when out of prison.

When I am out of prison to be happy with my wife and kids and to have a long and fulfilled life.

To do good things in life and be at peace in life.

My children are coming to visit me for the first time since July 08 and I hope that the faltering reconciliation which began last year will continue.