Pre-school & Schools

  • Priory Mums & Tots
  • Saint Mary’s High School
  • Saint Mary’s Primary School
  • Saint Anne’s Primary School

Prayer & Scripture Groups

  • Word of Life Group
  • Renewal Prayer Group
  • Home Rosary Group
  • Divine Mercy Prayer Group

Sacramental Groups

  • Baptismal Preparation
  • First Holy Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Marriage Preparation

Outreach Groups

  • Justice & Peace
  • Hospitality Group
  • Visiting Group
  • Widows Welcome Group
  • CTL (Churches Together in Leyland)
  • Martha Group

National Societies

  • Guild of St Lawrence
  • Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph
  • Co Workers of Mother Teresa
  • Knights of St Columba
  • Association for the Propagation of the Faith

Music & Liturgy Groups

  • Musical Director
  • Church Choir
  • Folk Group
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Readers
  • Infant Liturgy

Youth Groups

  • Youth Group
  • Guide Movement
  • Scout Movement
  • Drama Group

Essential Ancillaries

  • Needlework and Tapestry Group
  • Church Cleaners
  • Flower Arrangers
  • Book & Piety Stall
  • Parish Pastoral Centre

Other names and contact phone numbers for Music & Liturgy Groups and other groups above can be found on our About us page. If you do require any further information for any of our groups that are run in the parish please don’t hesitate to ring the Parish house on 01772 455955 and we will be happy to assist with your enquiries.