Michael Barrett was ordained a priest in St Mary’s Leyland, an Ampleforth Trustee parish in Lancashire on 15 July 2017. St Mary’s is manned by three Ampleforth monks; Fr Jonathan Cotton, Fr Stephen Wright, and Fr Paul Browne. He is a priest for the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Michael Barrett had been the head teacher of St Anne’s Primary School, one of the two Catholic Primary Schools in Leyland and a part of our parish. He was appointed in 1991 and was there until he decided to enter the seminary of the Beda College in Rome for men who have the call to be a priest later on in life in 2013. He was a married man with two daughters, Angela and Christina who you will see in this slide show with their father. Their much loved mother, Jackie, Michael’s wife died some years before.
Michael was well known by parishioners of St Mary’s in Leyland. He was much appreciated by the pupils and one former pupil told me that he was the best head teacher he had ever known. He was also a great helper and supporter of the parish and it was fitting that he should be baptised here. There was a practical reason as well. The 500 or so people who attended the ordination could not have fitted at all into his own parish Church of Our Lady’s in Tarleton.

This selection of photos has captured something of the emotions and feelings of the day that was one of the most memorable days of recent parish history. He also preached about his vocation at the final mass of the “Called beyond” project that we are engaged in as a Pilot Parish for a project of the National Office of Vocations for the Catholic hierarchy in England and Wales. That was on Sunday 15 October. His homily is available also on the website here.

Fr Jonathan Cotton OSB Parish Priest.

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Short slide show film with music that lasts about 11 minutes of Michael Barrett’s ordination.
It is very beautiful and catches the joyful, spiritual, divine mood of the occasion.

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