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The National Eucharist Congress
Above we have the beautiful prayer as we pray for the necessary changes that must happen in the Church in the face of current events. The prayer thanks God and asks God to help us:

One of the most important phrases is “We humbly ask your help to become the Church that you are calling us to be: a community that listens, that trusts, that lives with courage and that puts out its nets into new waters”.

We have 8 tickets for parishioners to attend the Eucharistic Congress in the famous Echo Arena in Liverpool on the waterfront for September 8th 2018.

Each ticket costs £40.

The Parish will underwrite the cost of any of these eight that would like to attend what will be an historic moment for the Church in England and Wales: and it will be a great privilege to attend.

Please let us know if you would like to attend. We will then see who would actually go by some kind of a lottery out of a hat. If anyone or any organisation would like to support the parish in underwriting this wonderful opportunity for one or more persons then that would be very welcome as the Parish is facing financial constraints at this time.

There will be opportunities to attend also on Friday 7 September 2018: details later.


September 7
September 8
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