Covid Guidelines for Holy Week in St Mary’s Leyland 2022 and some extra additions

General. Face coverings: are to be worn for all who come to Church services unless they are exempt. (This is remaining our advice because of the still high rates of transmission.) Do not come to Church if you have the Corona Virus.

Palm Sunday: 10th April.  6.00 pm Vigil mass as usual. 10.00 am as normal. Face Coverings are worn by parishioners unless exempt. There will be a first Holy Communion in Church for Alan Szkaradek. Family and friends are coming from Poland.

Chrism Mass: Wednesday 13th April 7.30 in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool. We are asking that all clergy (bishops, priests, deacons,) coming to the Chrism Mass take a Lateral Flow Test on the morning of the Mass. If you test positive, please do not come. We ask all parishioners coming also to do a lateral flow test including the altar servers. If you have a positive result do not come.

We are trying to avoid a situation where someone infects a large body of the clergy! We would also ask that face coverings be worn for the Chrism Mass (unless exempt).

Holy Thursday: 7.30 pm mass in St Mary’s.  We hope the washing of the feet will take place if we have 12 volunteers. Parishioners wear masks unless they are exempt. Holy Communion on the hand as usual; it is not allowed on the tongue and there is no Holy Communion from the chalice. unless exempt,

Good Friday: 3.00 pm As above all wear masks unless they are allergic to them for health reasons. The veneration should not be done by kissing or touching the wood of the cross

People will venerate coming down the aisle in threes. They the individual makes the choice before the cross to bow or to genuflect as our act of veneration. Return to the benches by going up the aisles either side of the Main aisle.

Easter Vigil: 7.30 pm There will be one person Victoria Cooke received into full communion with the Catholic Church. All wear masks unless exempt.

Easter Sunday: 10.00 Mass with masks unless exempt and do not come if you have Corona Virus.