Wednesday 13 January 2021

Fundamentally this new way of life that has been thrust upon us yet again is a chance for us to grow more unselfish and caring for each other. If this happens everyone will benefit.

From Wednesday 13 January 2021 there will be no more services available to Parishioners or the General Public in our Church alongside most other Catholic Churches in the UK. This restriction follows guidance from local and regional health professionals as scientists have confirmed that the mutant coronavirus, dubbed VUI-202012/01, does indeed have a higher transmission rate than other forms of the virus and rates of the virus are still rising in our locality. Our decision to close will be under constant review.

Regarding the Obligation of us Catholics to make the effort to attend Sunday Mass: that obligation has been lifted by our Archbishop and all the Bishops of England and Wales until this
situation changes.

Regarding Mass: We “Live-stream” a daily mass at 10 am (except Mondays). There is also a 6pm streamed Mass on Saturdays.

Funeral ceremonies: will continue but must have no more than 30 people attending, whether indoors or outdoors. This number does not include anyone working at the event.

Baptisms: will all be postponed. Those who have already booked baptisms will receive via Sister Veronica a letter from Fr Jonathan to this effect.

Weddings: will be very restricted if they happen; we are advised to suggest that they should be postponed until bride, groom and family and friends can enjoy weddings in the normal way

Please contact us via the Parish website if you have any needs. Or by phone.

“Spiritual Communion” There will be prayers published to help people to make a “Spiritual Communion” each day and especially on Sundays.

The Bulletin with mass intentions and other notices will be on the website each week

Ultimately we pray that this world wide “crisis” may be another step in the fulfilment of Jesus’ prayer that “ALL MAY BE ONE”.

We pray for each and every one of our parishioners and others, please pray for us. Please forgive us our frailties if we let anyone down: and let us learn to forgive each other if necessary. Thank you Parishioners and friends especially for all your concerns for our welfare. Out of love for you all we are “self-isolating” as far as possible to avoid spreading the virus and avoid catching it as well, as we would not be of much use to you if either happened.

The food bank continues to remain open from Monday to Thursday 10-12.
The Official documents of the Church are published under the heading Important Issues under the Bulletins Tag.