Celebrate Christmas With Us

Ticket Only for the 1st time in many years.

(Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses).
Covid Regulations in place.

Get your tickets through one of the below methods; AVAILABLE UNTIL 17 DECEMBER 2020

  1. by phone: 01772 455955between 10 and 12 Monday to Friday

  2. by putting a note through the door with your name, address, contact number and choice of one of the 5 masses.

  3. by emailing the parish administrator Lesley Raven on pa.stmaryleyland@rcaol.org.uk

In line with Covid 19 regulations:

  • All masses will be short;

  • the cry room and toilets will be out of use;

  • no children’s liturgy;

  • no singing at any mass.

  • The Church will be heated but as we must use a fresh air cycle it may not be as warm as usual, please wrap up warmly.

  • The seating and touch points in church will be sanitised after every mass for your safety.


  • The capacity of the Church in lockdown mode is 150. This number goes up and down depending on “bubbles”. Therefore, book early.

  • Two masses will be streamed as above

  • We will arrange pick up times for tickets after 17 December if necessary.

  • If you do not require the tickets you booked through things happening, contact us as soon as possible.

Safety arrangements – what to expect when you come to Church:

  • You must arrive at Church at the latest 10 minutes before the start of mass.

  • Tickets must be presented.

  • Temperatures will be taken on entry to each mass and hand sanitiser will be available at entry and exit points.

  • Masks must be worn at all times when in the Church.

  • Marshalls will show you to a Socially distanced seat. Please listen to the advice of the Marshalls, they are there to help you and to help keep us all safe.

  • Communion will be available at all masses, including streamed masses. The Priest or Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to you.  If you wish to receive it, stand and reach out your hands when the Minister comes to you.  Do not remove your mask until you receive Communion and then replace it straightaway.  If you do not wish to take Communion remain seated, the Minister will give you a Blessing.

  • At the end of mass, you will be directed when to leave the Church by the Marshalls. For safety reasons, you will not be able to leave before you are directed to do so.  Please do not linger in church and do not stop to chat with other people until outside Church. No groups of more than 6 people keeping personal distancing.


Anyone who turns up without a ticket may or may not be allowed into Church depending if that mass has reached the safe number of 150 (variations according to the number of bubbles and singles). They must queue with personal distancing and approach the marshals to find out the situation.


There will be a chance to contribute to the Parish that is going through lean times with no regular normal Sunday collections. There will be collecting baskets available for you to give what you can before or after mass. There will also be two plastic buckets for our normal Christmas collection for the poor that will go to those who are desperate both locally and in a place where poverty is extreme and people are starving.


Suggestions will follow about how to prepare. Below is a start.