What’s Your Calling? It’s a Vocation

The universal call to holiness is rooted in our baptism. It is a call to know, love and serve Jesus.

That point of view and then throughout our lives God gives each and every one of us a calling which challenges us to live our faith more deeply and to follow Jesus more closely as one of his disciples.

Our calling, our vocation is about determining and responding to bring God’s love and goodness to our needy world. God calls us to do meaningful work that brings value to humanity and to all of God’s creation.

Our calling as Christians is to build up society in a manner that reflects the love of God.

Through serving others we become more and more like Jesus every day.

There are many different callings in life. For instance a person can be called to marriage, to parenthood, to the single life, to the ordained priesthood, to the religious life and to particular occupations and professions.

The Called Beyond Week is all about helping and inspiring individual parishioners to determine and respond to the specific call God is making in their lives. It is a call to help to build His Kingdom here on earth and to grow in loving relationship with him and with each other.

Beginning on Sunday October 8th at 10am Mass & launch Called Beyond features a series of events during the following week which people can attend to draw inspiration for their personal journey sharing God’s Love for all.

In Jesus’ name,

The Called Beyond Team

Called Beyond Events

If you are interested in more information about a particular event, please click here to send an enquiry to our Parish secretary.

Called Beyond Objectives

To celebrate, Affirm, Proclaim, Share and Renew God’s Love with a view to introducing a “New Culture of Vocations” into our community.
• To celebrate our Catholic Community Life, faithful to the Gospel and to the Church, each according to his or her calling or vocation
• To affirm and respond to the call (vocation) Jesus made to us as individuals. To do meaningful work that brings value to humanity and reflects the love of God.
• To proclaim the joy of the Gospel to those outside the worshipping community of St Mary’s and to those who do not know Jesus.
• To share with parishioners experiences of God’s Love that individual parishioners have in their everyday lives.
• To renew ourselves as Jesus’ disciples and to help us understand what a Culture of Vocations is about.

To live our vocations as Missionary Disciples, sharing God’s love and glory, helping people in need and witnessing to the Good News.

Called Beyond Parish Prayer

Father, we pray that we will hear your Word in our hearts as Mary did.
May the Holy Spirit lead each of us
to develop our call
to be followers of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives, so that our vocations,
coming from the dignity of
our baptism into Christ,
may help us to be better
“missionary disciples”.
We ask this for your Glory
and the good of the Church
in its service to the world;
In all our needs we come to you.

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