The Parish values which we as parishioners uphold should be based on the Word of God, the teachings of the Church and about our Ampleforth Benedictine heritage. Specifically, we should be a community :

  • In which prayer and worship are at the centre of our lives
  • which is welcoming and open to all,
  • which is forgiving and is not judgemental
  • which is open to change, led by the Holy Spirit,
  • in which we all share responsibility for the mission of the church,
  • in which we each use our gifts for the benefit of everyone,
  • in which the spirit and joy of the Good News is visibly present in all our actions,
  • in which we respect and value each individual,
  • in which we foster the unity of the Christian churches and the building of good relations with people of other faiths.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Christian community within the Catholic Church, brought together by faith in Jesus; to be a community, which is a visible sign of His presence among us; to be a praying worshipping community that actively proclaims and bears witness to the gospel.

Father, in the regeneration of our parish we pray that we will hear your word in our hearts as Mary did. With the help of your Holy Spirit may we bring the peace and justice of your kingdom to our parish, our community and our world. In all our needs Lord, we come to you. Amen.

Meet Us

Fr Jonathan Cotton OSB

Parish Priest
01772 455955

Fr. Bernard McInulty OSB

01772 455955

Sister Veronica O’ Brien FMSJ

Parish Sister
01772 424665

Lesley Raven

Administrator & Safeguarding Officer
01772 455955

John Mills

Safeguarding Officer

Steve McBride

Parish Youth Worker and safeguarding Official
01772 421931 / 07580 496292

Ms Lesley Harness

St Marys Priory Social Centre (Club) 01772 421565 / Mob 07377341995

Derrick Edmeads

01772 621393

Mr Phil Thompson

St. Mary's Leyland Headteacher
01772 421909

Mrs. L O’ Mahony

St. Mary’s Primary School - Head Teacher
01772 422431

Mrs. E Darnell

St. Anne’s Primary School - Head Teacher
01772 422769

Anthony Cave

St. Mary's High School Chaplain

Marina Barrett

Chaplain HMP Garth, Ulnes Walton Lane, Leyland, PR26 8NE
01772 443300

St Marys Helpers

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“We could start by finding the opportunity to declare to one another again (with our friends, families, the members of the same Christian community) our will to walk together.”

— Walk in Love (Ephesians 5: 2)